May 21, 2012


Hey all! This winter, I spent a month frantically illustrating for two authors, Rochelle Caplan and Brenda Bursch, who are coming out with the book this October. The book is called How Many More Questions? and here’s a little excerpt about what it’s about from the Oxford University Press website ( link found here: ):

How Many More Questions?: Techniques for Clinical Interviews of Young Medically Ill Children provides readers with a comprehensive framework to understand how 5-10 year old children use language to formulate and communicate their thoughts. The book then guides the reader in how to effectively elicit information about sensitive and stressful topics from young children, such as their emotions, difficulties, problems, worries, and illness. Seventeen exquisitely written chapters that include twelve developmental guidelines, techniques, case examples, and illustrative dialogues provide the reader with the tools needed to address specific communication challenges involved in speaking with young children who have pain, medical trauma, terminal illness, or specific disorders like epilepsy.”

Seventeen chapters and that means seventeen illustrations! I’m posting up here 6 for a little preview.

Working to illustrate this book meant getting to read the in-progress manuscript. It’s incredibly interesting stuff. The book’s a fast read and I think anyone who interacts with those that are difficult to communicate with can gain something from the text, if not just be entertained from the case examples Rochelle’s and Brenda’s decades of experience have allowed them to gather.

Check them out below!